Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Weather Alert - Expect Time in Transit Delays

We have managed to dodge the bullet so far here are RACS HQ with only ice out of this last big winter storm, and it has not effected our daily operations too much. In fact the problem hasn't really been getting orders out, as much as getting new stuff in from the vendors. For example, even though Funi is in Texas, all their product ships out of Navarre's warehouse in Minnesota. Think about that.

Anyway, because so much of the country is getting slammed by so much snow, ice, and blizzard conditions, especially to the North and West of us, I thought I'd better post a little something about it. So here it is:

Due to severe winter conditions in the Mid-West and North East region of the US, some delays may be expected during the usual in transit time of your orders. Please allow extra time for the delivery of your orders, even if you live in an area not effected by the winter storms. Because of the scope and extent of the storms, it's likely that freight schedules will be effected nationwide.


MARl0 said...

Yeah, we got nailed here in Wisconsin. Easily the most snow from a single overnight storm I've ever seen in my life. There is no way mail will even be delivered today here. As of 11:00am, our street still hasn't been plowed yet. And going into work today is clearly not an option for me. I took some video early this morning of our little "snowpocalypse"...

D2M said...

We only got, maybe, 2 inches of snow. But the ice.... wow. SO MUCH ICE. We're talking several inches thick in some areas. It's OK to drive during the day (if you go slowly) but I'd never risk it at night.

We're in north Texas. :-/