Friday, March 25, 2016

Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Limited Edition Unboxing Courtesy Friday Night Figures!

The boys at Friday Night Figures have done it again! This time they are unboxing the Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun Limited Collectors Edition DVD/BD Boxed Set from Sentai Filmworks! Not only that, but they have an exclusive RACS discount code for the set as well which can be used against the current sale price to save an additional 10%!

You can also watch their unpackaging video to see if WE did a good job! :-)

Watch the videos for all the details, and if you like what they do, make sure to support them by shopping on RACS here!

Thanks guys!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

NIS Announces Love Live! School Idol Project S2 BLURAY (Standard Edition)

After the recent premium edition release sold out in just days, NISA has announced their standard edition release of Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 on BLURAY and we now have it up for pre-order on the store site:

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 2 BLURAY Collection (Standard Edition)

Release Date is set for April 12th.

Synopsis: Otonokizaka High School is planning to close within three years. However, nine female students come together with one thing in mind— to form an idol group to revive the school’s popularity and keep it from shutting down. “In order to protect our beloved school, there’s only one thing we can do...become school idols!” Their goal is simple: Become an overnight sensation and use their nationwide media exposure to promote their school and bring in a wave of new students to the ailing area. A simple but solid plan, they figure. Naturally, they’re nervous and wonder if this plan can really succeed, but for better or worse their journey continues…