Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hatsune Miku's New Toyota Ad Doesn't Include a Toyota

Hatsune Miku's new Toyota commercial featuring the virtual idol Hatsune Miku does not actually feature any of Toyota's cars onscreen:

Maybe this is a good thing. Frankly, I still find it pretty implausible that Hatsune would drive a Corolla. I mean, seriously? I would put her in a Benz SLK, or at least a Lexus ISC!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Media Blasters Picks Up Both Seasons of Bakuman

Media Blasters has announced that it has acquired BOTH seasons of the Bakuman TV anime series, and will begin releasing it under their AnimeWorks label this November. The first DVD will contain Eps #1-7 and will have an English dub.

The second season is scheduled to begin airing in Japan this fall. The new season was first announced in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine last December.

Synopsis: Moritaka Mashiro, a junior high school student, content to live out a relatively normal life as any other does, is persuaded by his classmate, Akito Takagi, to become an aspiring mangaka when the latter realizes his natural talent as an artist. However, Moritaka is reluctant to pursue his dream as his uncle, once a mangaka with his own serializations, died from overwork trying to regain his lost status. With Akito's help, Takagi gets another classmate and his school crush, Azuki Miho, who is an aspiring voice actress, to voice in the anime adaptation of their future manga once it is completed. However, Mashiro also proposes to Azuki, who surprisingly accepts only on the condition she will marry him when both of them have achieved their dreams. With a goal set before him, Mashiro begins a long and struggling path to become a famous mangaka.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Anime Cupcake Factories (or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love the Industry)

I get questions every day via e-mail or see them posted on Facebook, Twitter, or here on the Blog regarding the prices for Anime series. How are they determined? Why are they so low/high (well, mostly high)? Who decides?

If you are not familiar with Sal Khan's excellent library of educational videos, you should check them out. Here are three of Khan's classic videos that he uses as a primer for his later discussion of the economics of inflation, deflation, and capacity utilization.

These three videos use 'cupcakes' to describe the fascinating process of the various market forces that exert both upward and downward pressure on the prices of things. These videos perfectly apply to the R1 Anime business as well, so if you've ever wondered what really drives the prices of things in markets like ours (or just about any other business), take 30 minutes out of your summer vacation and watch these:

I'm still waiting for that Robotic fulfillment center... -_^

Canadian Mail Service to Resume Tomorrow

Just an FYI to all of our Canadian customers. The Canadian Postal strike has finally ended and mail service in Canada is resuming as of tomorrow.

On our end, the US Postal Service has announced:

Canadian Postal Employees Return-To- Work Tonight - USPS To Begin Accepting Mail Destined For Canada Tomorrow.

The Canadian government passed back-to-work legislation Sunday night. Canadian Postal employees will return to work beginning June 27 at 8:30 p.m. USPS will begin accepting mail for Canada starting June 28. Mail held in the USPS network since the work stoppage began is being released and transported into Canada.

Due to the large volumes of mail held by countries, customers may experience slightly longer transit times. USPS is working closely with the Canadian Postal Service to hold delays to a minimum.

This is definitely good news. Everyone should just keep in mind that the folks here at USPS have been letting Canadian mail accumulate in trailers for about 3 weeks now, so I'm sure all Canadian mail shipments will see pretty long delivery delays until Canadian post can work through that huge backlog. Everyone should just expect Canadian mail delivery times to be much longer than normal for the next few weeks.

Special thanks to Christina B. for keeping us all updated on this!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Section 23 September 2011 Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Section 23 has sent over their September 2011 release schedule and we've now got them posted to the store site for pre-order.

Here's what's coming:

To Love Ru Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-26) - Sep 6
MM! Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-12) - Sep 13
Amagami SS Collection #1 DVD (Eps #1-12) - Sep 20
Lady Death (BLURAY) - Sep 20
Mardock Scramble: The First Compression DVD - Sep 27

One note. Sentai indicated that both MM! and Amagami SS will "most likely" initially have only English subtitles, but also said that Demon King Daimao was going to be subtitled-only too until Sentai decided to give it an English dub and a BD release based on good streaming statistics. So we'll see what the final product looks like. :-)

Section 23 / Maiden Japan to Release Himawari!

Section 23 has announced that they will release the Himawari! Anime under the Maiden Japan label. It will be released on DVD subtitled. No date has been set.

Synopsis: Himawari Hinata recently transfered to Shinobi Gakuen to train to become the best kunoichi she can be. She wanted to be a ninja ever since she was saved by one when she was little. On her first day, she meets Hayato Madenokoji (a new transfer teacher) who saves her life. Hayato does not possess any ninja skills or traits, he is teaching the ninjas about normal society to pay off his debt. However, Himawari notices that Hayato bears the same mark on his neck as the ninja who saved her when she was young.

Funimation Date Changes - Lots of Them

Funimation just sent over a grocery list of date bumps across their July, August, and September schedule. Here's the changes:

Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunso) Season 3 Part 1 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #52-64) - Jul 12 to Jul 26
Noir Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Classic Collection) - Jul 19 to Aug 9
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 5 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #53-64) - Jul 26 to Aug 2
Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Part 5 DVD (Eps #53-64) (BLURAY) - Jul 26 to Aug 2
Soul Eater Collection Season 2 Complete DVD Box (Eps #27-52) - Jul 26 to Aug 9
Soul Eater Collection Season 2 Complete DVD Box (Eps #27-52) (BLURAY) - Jul 26 to Aug 9
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 2 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #29-56) (BLURAY) (Classic) - Jul 26 to Aug 9
Spice and Wolf Season 1 Collection BLURAY Boxed Set (Eps #1-13) - Aug 2 to Aug 30
Spice and Wolf Season 2 DVD / BLURAY Combo Set (Eps #14-26) (LE) - Aug 2 to Aug 30
Eden of the East Movie 2: Paradise Lost DVD / BLURAY Combo Set - Aug 2 to Aug 23
Sgt Frog (Keroro Gunso) Season 3 Part 2 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #65-77) - Aug 16 to Aug 23
Peacemaker Kurogane Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Classics Collection) - Aug 30 to Sep 6
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 3 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #57-84) (BLURAY) (Classic Collection) - Sep 6 to Sep 27
Dragon Ball Z Dragonbox DVD Set #7 - Sep 13 to Oct 11

I'm just the messenger folks. :-)

Funimation Gets Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam

Funimation announced yesterday that they will distribute Last Exile: Ginyoku no Fam (Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing), which is the upcoming new Last Exile television series from Gonzo.

The series will revolve around "the young ace vanship pilot, Fam, and her trusted navigator, Giselle, as they pilot their vanship, Vespa, through the free and peaceful skies." Gonzo announced the series back in February.

The world premier of the series will be shown at this year's Anime Expo con. Be sure to catch it if you're out there!

Section 23 Picks Up the Mardock Scramble Films

The folks at Sentai Filmworks (Section 23) have announced that they have licensed the Mardock Scramble film trilogy. The first of the three films (Mardock Scramble: The First Compression) will be available dubbed and subtitled on DVD this September, with a separate BD release planned in 2012.

Synopsis: Rune Ballot is a down-and-out teen prostitute in Mardock City. One day, she's picked up by an ambitious casino manager named Shell who gives her everything she could want. Renewed by a false innocence, a false past, and now the false life Shell has given her, Ballot feels grateful. However, she can't help but be curious about why he's done so much for her, so she does some research about his past on a computer. This turns out to be a mistake which will change her life greatly. When Shell finds out what she's done, he attempts to burn her to death by blowing up her car. Due to the high crime rate in Mardock, a new law called “Scramble 09” has given police carte blanche to take extreme and otherwise illegal measures to revive crime witnesses. With this in mind, they allow a professor to bring Ballot back from the brink of death by reassembling her entire body with reinforced synthetic fiber. When she finally wakes up, her confused mental state eventually turns toward revenge as Shell is revealed as her killer.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Actually, I Always Did Mind the Little Things...

I have a little rant today, which I rarely do anymore, so I hope that's OK.

So, Jamie and I ran through Vampire Bund last weekend and we are revisiting a few eps this weekend now that we finally have a little extra time. We'll, if you've watched your DVD you know it has the little Cashern promo before you get to the menu, and the first time around I just let it run and didn't think anything of it. This time, I loaded the disk and wanted to get right to the episode menu, so when the Cashern promo qued up:

1) I hit the 'menu' button on my remote. "X" Denied. S#$T.

2) So I hit the 'skip' button on the remote. "X" Denied. F@%K.

3) So I hit the 'fast forward' button on the remote. "X" Denied. G$D@&%IT!

This also applies to the Moon Phase trailer on Disk 2. Seems Funimation is quite determined that I should watch that damn trailer every time I load the DVD no matter if I want to or not. Yes, 'top menu' does allow you to skip the trailer, but disabling the other functions? Very irritating if you ask me, and bad disk authorizing too.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

USPS Temporarily Stops Accepting Mail to Canada

Just an Update for our Canadian customers regarding postal shipments to Canada (airmail and EMS). Due the length of the Canadian postal strike, the US Postal Service is going to temporarily stop accepting mail to Canada for a short period of time.

All of our Canadian customers need to be aware that as of Monday (June 20th) we will have to hold all out going postal shipments to Canada in our facility until the USPS starts accepting Canadian mail again. All parcels currently in transit to Canada via Airmail or EMS will likely incur very long delivery delays and may not be delivered at all until the postal strike is resolved.

Keep in mind that even after the strike is resolved, there will likely be mail delivery delays for some time as the USPS and Canadian postal service works through the huge backlog of mail to be delivered.

This strike does NOT effect our FexEx International service to Canada, and parcels being shipped via FedEx are still being delivered on time (about 2-3 days on average). We recommend that all of our Canadian customers choose FedEx for shipment for their orders from RACS until the strike is resolved.

Here is a copy of the service bulletin we got a couple days ago:

Canada Post has suspended mail service across the country as of June 14, 2011. The suspension of service will impact the delivery of shipments sent by Canada Post. If you have recently shipped orders to Canada via US Postal Service, we encourage you to contact the buyers to let them know that delivery might be delayed. For orders you have not yet shipped, we recommend using a shipping method other than US Postal Service during the labor dispute. Updates on the labor dispute can be found on the Canada Post website here.

There are some locations, including PO boxes and certain remote areas, which are only serviced by Canada Post. Shipments to these postal codes will be delayed until Canada Post’s delivery service resumes.  A list of affected postal codes can be found here.

From the USPS International Mail Service Update today:


Canada Post has informed USPS its suspension of services would last until at least next week. With this notification, USPS will stop accepting all services destined to Canada with the exception of Global Express Guaranteed (GXG) Shipments at 11:59 p.m., CST, Saturday, June 18.

Customers sending letters and packages to Canada can avoid service delays by using GXG, which is available online at and at participating retail locations throughout the U.S.

Giselle Valera, vice president of Global Business at the USPS said in a statement today:

"As a convenience to our customers and to minimize service disruptions, we arranged to accept mail destined for Canada as long as possible," said Giselle Valera, vice president, Global Business. "We will continue to closely monitor the strike situation, and once Canada Post resumes operations, the U.S. Postal Service will again begin accepting mail for Canada. We also will then resume processing any Canadian-destined mail currently held in our network."

The Irony of it Does Not Escape me...

A few random paraprosdokian points:

- Never argue with an idiot. He'll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
- The last thing I want to do is hurt you. But it's still on the list.
- If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong.
- We never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.
- Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; Wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad.
- The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
- How is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?
- Dolphins are so smart that within a few weeks of captivity, they can train people to stand at the edge of a pool and throw fish.
- I didn't say it was your fault, I said I was blaming you.
- Women will never be equal to men till they can walk down the street with a bald head and a beer gut and still think they're sexy.
- A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.
- You don't need a parachute to skydive, but you do need one to skydive again.
- The voices in my head may be fake, but they have good ideas!
- Hospitality is making your guests feel like they're at home, even if you wish they were.
- I scream the same way whether I'm about to be eaten by a shark or seaweed touches my foot.
- Some cause happiness wherever they go, others whenever they go.
- There's a fine line between cuddling and holding someone down so they can't get away.
- You're never too old to learn something stupid.

And finally:

- The R1 Anime business is a cruel and shallow financial trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Funimation Picks Up Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai

Funimation has announced that it has licensed the Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai (We Without Wings – Under the Innocent Sky) anime series. The announcement came at their A-Kon panel in Dallas over the weekend. Funi did not mention when they might be releasing the series or what format it might come in. Funimation typically leads licenses announcements to actual releases by 8-12 months, so this show will almost certainly be part of their 2012 lineup.

Synopsis: It's winter in the big city of Yanagihara, and young people will meet and fall in love. Takashi is a boy who plans to escape to another world, but is held back by thoughts of his younger sister Kobato and girlfriend Asuka. Shusuke is a poor part-timer who has to work with student-author Hiyoko in spite of their initial dislike for each other. The antisocial Hayato makes his living as a handyman until he is visited by a girl name Naru.

Media Blasters Pick Up Shinryaku! Ika Musume (Squid Girl)

Well, what do you know? Media Blasters is apparently still in the game.

Getting the jump on companies looking to announce new licenses at AX in a couple of weeks, John Sirabella has confirmed that Media Blasters has acquired the license to the Squid Girl anime series (Shinryaku! Ika Musume). They plan to release the first six episodes dubbed and subtitled on DVD on Sep 27th at $24.98 MSRP. John also said the release will be "loaded with extras" but did not specify what those will be.

Synopsis: Squid Girl has come to the land from the depths of the sea to conquer humanity for its pollution of the ocean. Unfortunately she ruins the first house she uses as an invasion base and has to work to pay for repairs. Of course, she can't overcome the Aizawa sisters who manage the house, so who knows whether she can subjugate humankind.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Japan: Three Months After the Quake and Tsunami

While almost completely out of the daily news cycle here in the US, we have not forgotten about the March Tsunami disaster in Japan. Here is a great photo essay from this past weekend showing some of the cleanup efforts and the extent of the devastation that still remains. Frankly, I'm absolutely amazed at the progress the Japanese have made just cleaning up the miles of debris left in the wake of the Tsunami. I think it's a real testament to the dedication, efficiency, and resilience of the Japanese people.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ikki Tousen Great Guardians Coming in August!

Media Blasters has sent over their August release schedule which will include the first volume of Ikki Tousen Great Guardians. We now have it up on the store site for pre-order. Here's what's coming:

Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling For Me Complete DVD Box (Lite Box) - Aug 9
Ikki Tousen Great Guardians , Vol #1 DVD (Eps #1-6) - Aug 30

Ikki Tousen Great Guardians
With the climactic re-creation of the Battle of Red Cliffs ending much as it did centuries ago, life has once again returned to normal for those who've inherited the destiny of the Three Kingdoms. However, the gap left by Sousou's defeat is soon filled by the appearance of faces new and old. As the schools adjust to the new additions, Genpou Saji appears to be once again plotting something from the shadows...

Funimation's September 2011 Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Funimation has sent over their September release schedule, and we now have it up on the store site for pre-order. Here's what's coming:

Black Blood Brothers Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (S.A.V.E. Edition) - Sep 6
Black Blood Brothers Complete Collection Boxed Set (BLURAY) (S.A.V.E. Edition) - Sep 6
Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) Complete DVD Boxed Set (Classic Edition) - Sep 6
Burst Angel (Bakuretsu Tenshi) Complete Boxed Set (BLURAY) (Classic Edition) - Sep 6
Yu Yu Hakusho Season 3 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #57-84) (BLURAY) (Classic Collection) - Sep 6
Dragonball Z Kai Season 1 Part 6 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #66-78) - Sep 13
Dragonball Z Kai Season 1 Part 6 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #66-78) (BLURAY) - Sep 13
Dragon Ball Z Dragonbox DVD Set #7 - Sep 13
Vandread Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (26 Eps + OVAs) (Classic Edition) - Sep 13
Xenosaga Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-12) (S.A.V.E. Edition) - Sep 13
Corpse Princess (Shikabane Hime) Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-26) - Sep 27
One Piece Collection #2 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #27-52) (Uncut) - Sep 27
Shin-Chan (Crayon Shinchan) Season 3 Part #2 DVD Collection (Eps #65-77) - Sep 27
Trigun Badlands Rumble (Motion Picture) DVD - Sep 27
Trigun Badlands Rumble (Motion Picture) (BLURAY) - Sep 27

At least we are getting Trigun Badlands - which they announced at AX 'LAST' summer. Good grief it takes a long time to get these titles on the street. Aside from that, the one other thing I have to say is that Funimation should get an award for being one of the greenest companies on the planet - they sure do know how to RECYCLE... -_^ HEH.

Trigun Badlands Rumble
20 years after meddling into the bank heist of a notorious robber named Gasback, Vash the Stampede is heading towards Macca City. Rumors say that the legendary thief might appear there causing an enormous influx of bounty hunters in the area who want to collect the $$300,000,000 prize for his head.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wagnaria Premium Edition DVD Boxed Set Final Pressing - On It's Way!

Just a heads up everyone! After several irritating delays from NIS, the final batch of Wagnaria Premium Collections are now complete and have shipped to us from the NIS pressing plant in Georgia. Transit time to us from there is about 2-3 business days.

So the trucking company should have them on our dock tomorrow or Thursday, and we will immediately begin filling all those backorders for the sets as soon as they arrive and are unloaded. Since just about all the Wagnaria backorders have already been pre-processed here at our warehouse, our shipping staff should be able to turn the entire batch around in one day.

So don't despair, your Wagnaria box will be in your hands before you know it! And if you had previously gotten inpatient and canceled your order or have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for them to come in, we do have a few left out of this batch that are not yet spoken for, so get your order in ASAP before they sell out completely!

UPDATE (6/14 Afternoon): Our shipment has arrived and we will commence shipping backorders immediately to hopefully be completed by close of business tomorrow.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Select Nozomi Boxed Sets - Now 40% Off MSRP Everyday at RACS!

That's right folks, now you can purchase select Nozomi boxed sets from the RACS store site at 40% off MSRP everyday! And it's not some lame rotating sale - these prices are permanently going to be this low. Because of that, they are still eligible for RACS coupons so you can save even more during our regular coupon sales!

RSDVD-0822 Aria DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0903 Aria the Natural Part 1 DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0904 Aria the Natural Part 2 DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1011 Aria Season 3 + OVA DVD Boxed Set - Now only $ 29.98!
RSDVD-0925 Boogiepop Phantom Complete Box (Anime Value) - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-0807 Boys Be Complete Collection DVD Box (Thin-Pak) - Now only $17.98!
RSDVD-1027 Dirty Pair TV Series DVD Collection 1 - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1028 Dirty Pair TV Series DVD Collection 2 - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1031 El Hazard the Wanderers DVD Collection - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-0902 Gakuen Alice Collection DVD Box - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-2015 Gravitation Complete DVD Box (Thin-Pack) - Now only $35.98!
RSDVD-0924 His and Her Circumstances Box Set (Re-Release) - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-0906 Irresponsible Captain Tylor DVD Collection (Remastered) - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-2009 Irresponsible Captain Tylor OVA DVD, Collection Box - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-1018 Junjo Romantica Complete DVD Box - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1140 Junjo Romantica 2 Complete DVD Box - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0722 Lost Universe DVD Boxed Set (Thin-Pak) - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-0815 Maria Watches Over Us 1 DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0816 Maria Watches Over Us 2 DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0901 Maria Watches Over Us OVA DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1022 Maria Watches Over Us 4 DVD Boxed Set - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1025 Ninja Nonsense Complete Box Set (Thin-Pak) - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0919 Rental Magica DVD Collection #1 - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1009 Rental Magica DVD Collection #2 - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-1146 Shingu Complete DVD Box (Thin-Pak) - Now only $17.98!
RSDVD-1036 Third: Girl With the Blue Eye DVD Box (Thin-Pak) - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0820 To Heart Complete Collection DVD Box (Thin-Pak) - Now only $23.98!
RSDVD-0805 Victorian Romance Emma DVD Box #1 - Now only $29.98!
RSDVD-0806 Victorian Romance Emma DVD Box #2 - Now only $29.98!

You guys and gals can feel free to copy and paste this into every Anime forum known to man. Be sure to tell all your friends and spread the word!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Bandai Announces Tekken: Blood Vengeance US Theatrical Run

Bandai Entertainment has announced that the Tekken: Blood Vengeance CG anime film will run in more than 375 American theaters in 3D on July 26 at 7:30 p.m. local time.

In addition, Bandai plans to release the DVD for this film, but did not say when.

Bandai Entertainment is collaborating with NCM Fathom and Namco Bandai Games America on the theatrical screenings. The screening will include a 20-minute special with interviews with the Tekken project director and screenwriter. Bandai Entertainment and Fathom have worked together on the Sword of the Stranger and Eureka Seven - good night, sleep tight, young lovers film screenings, but the Tekken: Blood Vengeance screening event is their first joint effort in 3D.

Funimation Drops the Price for the Dragon Ball Season 3 DVD Boxed Set

Funimation dropped the price today on the Season 3 DragonBall DVD boxed set from $49.98 MSRP to $34.98 MSRP:

FN-05192 Dragon Ball Season 3 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #63-92) (Uncut)

We've lowered our regular price to just $24.98, and the box set is in stock and shipping at the new price now!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Funimation Bumps Dates for DBZ, Baka & Test, and Shin-Chan

Funimation has sent over a few date changes for releases scheduled this summer.

Here's what we've got so far:

Baka and Test Complete DVD/BLURAY Combo Set (Eps #1-13) (LE) - Jul 12 to Aug 2
Dragon Ball Z Dragonbox DVD Set #6 - Jul 5 to Jul 19
Shin-Chan (Crayon Shinchan) Season 3 Part #2 DVD (Eps #65-77) - Aug 30 to Sep 27

That's it for now, but stay tuned - there may be more coming.

Monday, June 06, 2011

Section 23 Picks Up Glass Maiden (Crystal Blaze)

Section 23 has announced that it will be releasing the Glass Maiden (Crystal Blaze) Anime series under the Maiden Japan label (like they did with Papillon Rose).

A subtitled only DVD release is planned, but they did not say when it might be released.

Synopsis: The stage is the Middle East in a not to far away future: in Rags Town, a city full of scums. A carefree detective named Shun is living in this city, doing what he pleases. But one day he meets a beautiful girl who's lost her memory, and he tries to solve her mystery without knowing that this would change his life and make him face a powerful enemy.

Dr. Who as Anime

We were just talking about Dr. Who on our facebook page over the weekend, and then I came across this.

From the creators comments:

"All 13 minutes of the completed fake Doctor Who 80s-style anime. Drawn, animated and partially voiced by myself. Some bits are good, some bits are poor, but on the whole it turned out okay, I think. Enjoy! This is old school Who, so fans of the new reboot show may be confused by the fact that the Doctor is doing martial arts and Cybermen say "excellent." Watch the classics and you'll understand. You'll also become almost instantly more handsome by watching classic Who."


Del Rey Cancels 'CLAMP in America' Book

Another former Del Rey license that won't be released. Clamp-Now is reporting that the Shaenon K. Garrity's book CLAMP in America has been cancelled by Del Rey.

The book was originally going to cover the history of the four-member manga team CLAMP and their influence throughout the world. The rights to the book have most likely reverted to Pyrotechnist, which serves as CLAMP's licensor in Japan.

Del Rey had originally announced the book for release at the 2008 Comic-Con in San Diego. ~sigh~

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Canada Post Strike - Expect Delays for all Canadian Mail Shipments

Just a heads up to all our Canadian customers.

As of June 03, 2011 Canadian postalworkers are on strike. The strike will impact the delivery of all mail shipments into Canada. If you have recently placed an order shipping to Canada via any postal method, please expect the delivery of your order to be delayed. We don't know for how long.

For new Canadian orders, we recommend using our FedEx International shipping method during the strike period to avoid unnecessarily long leads time for delivery of your orders. FedEx is more expensive, but the delivery will be so fast you'll probably never go back anyway.

And please don't blame me folks, I'm just the messenger. -_^

Friday, June 03, 2011

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Why Marrying a Geek is Better

Tara posts on Yahoo why marring a geek is better:

"I really don't know if I could be in a relationship with a non-geek. Like me, my husband is also a geek, and it works out pretty well for us. We have many common interests, so if I want to go to a convention, I don't have to sacrifice time with my husband to do it. I'm more of a "Pirates" fan while he's more into "Green Lantern," but at least most of our movie choices are within the same genres: sci-fi, fantasy, comic book and action/adventure.

Beyond that, we understand a few things about each other that non-geeks just don't understand. I know I can't go crazy and spend our rent money on a new costume, but my husband understands that I'd rather have a new outfit for the renaissance faire than a pair of Manolo Blahniks. (Not going to lie, I had to look up the name and spelling, because I'm really not into shoes.)

Similarly, I understand when he needs to geek out over the latest MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game) or splurge on a "Dungeons & Dragons" companion guide. It's cool. I'd rather have custom dice than a designer handbag, after all.

If you can't balance work, relationships and hobbies, it's time to take another approach. Ditch the norm and date a geek. Find a way to incorporate what you love to do with your job, even if it's in the smallest of ways.

Beyond finding compatibility with another geek, I think my marriage and happiness are more about acceptance. Instead of feeling weird about some of my hobbies, I can let my geek flag fly at home. I am with someone who will defend me and my interests. What's more, my husband helps me out with my hobbies by sewing new costumes, offering input on articles about geeky subjects and participating in hobbies and interests with me. It's an awesome way for us to continually learn new things about one another."

I couldn't agree more. And as all of us Anime fans know, you should never feel weird about your hobbies. Instead, be yourself, and leave it up to the other guy be uncomfortable about what you do.

And, um, geek sex is better too... -_^