Friday, February 25, 2011

Have An Amazon Gift Certificate? You Can Spend it at RACS like Cash!

Several customers have inquired recently about how they might redeem an Amazon gift code or certificate here at RACS, so I though I'd do a quick post about it.

First, can you redeem an Amazon gift certificate or gift at RACS? Why, yes, I don't see why not (though our FAQ doesn't specifically mention this right now). Now obviously we cannot setup the store to automatically accept an Amazon gift code, but, you CAN spend an Amazon gift card here at RACS via mail order. Do you have something that looks like this laying around:

We will treat your valid, unredeemed Amazon gift certificate or gift code just like cash at full face value, so just place your order and select 'check' or 'money order' as your payment option, and then mail in your Amazon gift certificate or gift code (make sure we know the amount it's good for) to us along with any balance that might be due (via check or money order) and we will apply it your our order just like it's cash. Also, don't want to mail them, you can just drop the Amazon claim code # and dollar amount from the gift certificate into the comments box on the order form, or e-mail it (them) to us  (be sure to include your order #) after you place your order and we'll apply them to the order balance. This would work for credit card orders as well as long as you don't mind us adjusting the balance of the order by the amount of the gift certificate on our end AFTER the order is placed. How's that sound? :-)

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