Thursday, February 24, 2011

Media Blasters Update - Dragon Destiny Back in Stock!

I just wanted to do a quick post to let you all know that we've gotten several big restock shipments from Media Blasters over the last couple of days. One notable title that is now back in stock after being backordered for a few weeks is the Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Complete Collection. We filled a couple hundred backorders for various Media Blasters titles today, including DD, and we have plenty left over if you need a copy. We ordered enough this time around so that we shouldn't run out again.

We also got in a big batch of restocks from Media Blaster's adult label, Kitty. Several titles that have been on perpetual backorder since last fall are now finally back in stock including Discode 1.2.3, Cantaloupe Collector, and the Bible Black Game.

While we did get the first Moribito BluRay Collection from MB yesterday (pretty much on time), we still have no word on when the new Queens Blade Collection might ship. It's over a week late now and despite all my calls and e-mails I can't find anyone there that seems to know when it might be going out to retailers. They keep telling me they 'guess' this or that, but I can 'guess' too. I'll post an update on it once I have something 'concrete' to post. I think we can also assume that all those MB Spring releases we have setup for March 1st will end up being another 'they will ship when they ship' deal. You know, an 'all dates are soft until 30 minutes prior' kinda thing. Stay tuned...


A. said...

About a week or so ago I received an automated "we have it" message from about the Blu-ray set of QUEEN'S BLADE. Has Media Blasters at least begun to ship the BD-version widely, or not so much (wishful thinking)?

Robert said...

We got a few of the BD's in ourselves a few days ago, but not enough to even put a dent in the amount of pre-orders (we have already shipped them all out). I talked to our Media Blasters rep yesterday and he did confirm that they did get a handful in and dolled them out to retailers, and he did not know when more were coming. It sounds like to me what happens when they order 5,000 and are only shipped 500 by mistake, or maybe they can't afford to have the whole batch replicated at once and have to piece meal it in small batches. Whatever the case, I stil can't quote anyone when their orders are going to fill for either version.