Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Funimation Picks Up the 'TO' OVA and Keroro Gunso Season 3

Funimation announced at Katsucon over the weekend that they have licensed Fumihiko Sori's 'To' OVA and are planning a DVD and BD release this summer (which means it will really be released this fall -_^).

They have also licensed the third season of Keroro Gunso (Sgt. Frog), which has been running now for seven years in Japan. They also 'plan' to release it this summer.

To (OVA) Synopsis: The year 2068. Human kind has established a moon colony with a vast population of 300,000 inhabitants. They need supplies and the easiest way to send them is via the Moonlight Bazooka, a gas propelled launcher that shots the containers to the moon orbit. Then one day the 078962-EK ship, best known as the ghost ship Flying Dutchman docks after a 15 year travel carrying the most precious energy resource known by humanity. Space travel is cruel since the travelers only age 2 years while the rest of humanity ages 15 in the process. The second OVA takes place around 100 years later, humanity now is trying to establish colonies around other stellar systems, but still they don't travel as one and carry their national identities and the seed of war. The planet where they find the most suitable colonization terrains soon shows them that living as separate beings in the universe is not a good way to survive.

Not too sure about this one, and it's an all CGI production. Remember how bad Vexel was? Anyone have any comments that has seen it?

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Unknown said...

The resemblence to "Vexille" is no coincidence. Both "TO" and "Vexille" were written / directed by Fumihiko Sori. He was also a producer on "Appleseed", but there were two other producers besides him. That's probably why "Appleseed" was much more entertaining.

Truth be told, "TO" is utterly bland. At least "Vexille" had some decent action sequences to make the dull plot bearable. "TO" is devoid of any real life; the characters, the story, the environment, it all feels lifeless. And the action sequences are yawn-inducing. Fumihiko Sori has managed to create an entire universe that the audience is incapable of giving a rip about.