Tuesday, February 15, 2011

5 Centimeters Per Second DVD (Re-Release) - Now Available for Pre-Order!

After much discussion, Bandai has wisely chosen to make another one of their 'store only' releases available through direct retailers like RACS.

I'm pleased to announce that the new, remastered 5 Centimeters Per Second DVD will be available from RACS on April 26th. This new re-release of 5CM from Bandai contains a brand new English track done by Bang-Zoom Entertainment, as well as a brand new Japanese 4.0 track, and remastered video with a totally new translation & subtitle track.

Though Bandai has set the street date for April 26th, the inside word is that they may begin shipping our copies to us as soon as late March. The really 'inside' word, is that WE might have it even sooner than that... :-)

This isn't MOE. While short, I have always felt 5CM to be an amazing accomplishment. It's an existential story with cinematography and music on par with the very best examples of the Anime art form. It should not be missed.

Have I ever dreamed of someone? Touched the spark?


Unknown said...

This is one anime that is crying out for a Bluray release.

Robert said...

Seriously. All of Shinkai's titles in fact.

SFF said...


I'd be really interested to hear your comparison of the ADV versus Bandai dubs.

James Nemanich said...

I would love a Bluray release but that might not happen. Manga UK was going to release the Bluray but got its rights pulled because of fear of reverse importation. What seems strange to me about this is that Manga UK releases their Blurays in region B and not A (which Japan is in) so the fear of reverse importation should be with a release to the US market and not with a UK release. I guess what I am trying to say is that there is practically no chance of a US Bluray release of any Shinkai's work (at least in my mind that is).