Saturday, May 31, 2014

MaxMoeFoe - PlayStation 4 Silver Limited Edition

I didn't know those serial ports could do that...

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Enigma - Sitting on the Moon (Piotr Sounder Lewandowicz Remix)

From the album A Posteriori. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. :-)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Viz Picks Up Sailor Moon - Will Re-Release on DVD and BluRay this Fall!

Here ya go folks, the announcement we've all been waiting for:

VIZ Media announced at Anime Central that it has acquired the Sailor Moon anime franchise.  VIZ will release all 200 episodes of the series uncut and uncensored, include the fifth and final "Sailor Stars" season, which has never been licensed in North America, beginning with a subtitled streaming option this month, and a DTO and home media release to follow.  VIZ confirmed that the three feature films (Sailor Moon R, Sailor Moon S, and Sailor Moon SuperS) and the specials are also part of the acquisition.

The VIZ Sailor Moon release will be newly created from the Japanese remaster, with new translations for the subtitles.  The presentation will be in the original uncropped 4:3 aspect ratio, and will include use of all the original Japanese names, story elements, and relationships.

VIZ will also create a new dubbed version of the complete series later this year, with a voice cast to be announced. 

Viz intends to release a DVD only AND a limited BluRay/DVD combo pack version, in half season sets, beginning later this fall. Both versions will be both subbed and dubbed, so not only are we getting SM back, we're getttng in on BLURAY!!!. Am I excited about this? Heck yeah! But we've been waiting and hoping for this to happen for so long it's more of a relief that we FINALLY have confirmation. I think I'll take the rest of the day off... -_^

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Say My Name....

Duke Leto takes a short respite from his lab work...

Friday, May 09, 2014

NIS Announces Love Live! School Idol Project 1st Season Premium Edition!

NISA has announced that they will release the first season of Love Live! School Idol Project in a Premium Edition BLURAY boxed set for September.

Love Live! School Idol Project Season 1 BLURAY Collection (Premium Edition) - Sept 2nd

This premium edition includes all 13 episodes of season 1 (Japanese Language w/ English Subtitles) a hardcover art book (full color, approx. 28 pages) with episode guide, character info, and gorgeous full color illustrations. Extra content includes Clean OP and ED, Clean Episode 1 Ending, Clean Episode 13 Ending, Japanese Trailers (4), Japanese TV Spots (2)

The set will street on Sept 2nd and you can pre-order it from RACS today!

Synopsis: "The traditional school Otonokizaka High is situated between the three towns of Akihabara, Kanda, and Jimbocho. This school is also in imminent danger of closing. Because of this crisis, the second year student Honoka Kosaka takes center stage with eight others to do something about it! "To protect the school we love so much, we have to do all we can... We have to become school idols! By becoming idols and advertising how great our school is to the world, more students will want to apply!"

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Quite the Conundrum...

HEH. Thanks to Sean for sending! :-)

Funimation adds Devil is a Part Timer and Senran Kagura to their July Schedule!

Funimation has added two more titles: Devil is a Part Timer and Senran Kagura, to their July 2014 release schedule and we now have them up on the store site for pre-order:

Devil is a Part Timer Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-13) (Limited) - Jul 22
Devil is a Part Timer Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-13) (Standard) - Jul 22
Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-12) (Limited) - Jul 29
Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash! Collection DVD/BD Combo Set (Eps #1-12) (Standard) - Jul 29

The Devil is a Part Timer

When Satan is run out of his infernal kingdom, he finds himself virtually powerless in modern-day Tokyo. Stuck in a feeble mortal body and desperate for cash, there’s only one way for the dark lord to survive: by getting a job manning the deep fryer at “MgRonald”! As Satan flips burgers and tries to regain his evil magic, he’s pestered by a righteous hero who tracked him to Earth, a video-game-loving fallen angel looking for a way back into heaven, and the most unholy of enemies: a rival fast food franchise. Will he figure out a way to reclaim his homeland and throne? And if not, will this demonic burger king at least sell enough featured menu items to be promoted to shift supervisor? The devil can’t survive on minimum wage in the series Anime News Network calls “pure, unadulterated, gloriously fun entertainment.”

Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash!

From the Dynamic Duo that brought you Ikki Tousen comes a revealing tale of naughty ninjas sucking down sushi rolls and busting up the competition! Asuka and her friends may look like any other girls at Hanzo Academy, but they’re secretly studying the ancient art of Ninjutsu! While other students do their homework, Asuka and the gang push their beautiful bodies to the breaking point in pursuit of their perfect form. Life is one sexy sparring session after another until a Deviously Demented rival clan of evil ninjas ambushes the Hanzo hotties – and steals their sacred ninja scroll. Faced with their toughest – and most well-rounded – enemies ever, Asuka and her fellow Deadly Divas will have to go further than they’ve ever bgone before to prove they’ve mastered the art of full frontal combat!Whether you like blondes or brunettes; good or evil; big or EXTRA BIG; this series based on the action packed video game proves once and for all that a ninja beat down is the most exhilarating beat down of all