Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Something You Need to Know About Me

As someone who has found the time to watch the Pantsu Anime Strike Witches end to end twice, but somehow in 10 years has NEVER seen a single episode of American Idol, I admit I still only have the vaguest idea who this 'Snooki' person is. And apparently she has now written a book, and it has made it's way onto the NYT bestseller list.

It's also one of those books with Amazon reviews that have vastly more entertainment value than any literary merit of the work they review.


"This is by far the best assisted suicide novel I have ever read. I was literally cutting my wrists as every page was turned. Bravo Snooki!!"

"I still pine for the day when Wicket W. Warrick releases his memoirs of the Battle of Endor, but until then, we'll just have to settle for this excellent translation. It's one of the cleanest in the English language, where the grunts and vernacular of the vertically challenged and girth enhanced Snooki come across in all their simplicity."

"I never knew what it was like to stare into the abyss, until I read this book. I now realize the true depths of despair my soul can be driven to. Thanks, Snooki!"

"Could Hemingway have said the same? Faulkner? F. Scott Fitzgerald? I think not! Even in the realm of popular fiction, Stephen King can only boast of 25% tops, and he has never written a spinechilling tale of modern horror the ghastly equal of "A Shore Thing."

"This book reads like a field manual for getting lucky anywhere between Long Branch and Atlantic City. Quite frankly, I'm surprised Mr. Wonka allowed her enough time off from manning the Gobstopper machine to produce such a well thought out work. If Rommel was the Desert Fox, then surely this brilliant author rates unquestionably as "The Beach Chupacabra"

Sometimes great literature apparently comes out of nowhere... and then there is this:

"At first I had my doubts about this book...she weaves a story that is more believable than anything I have read by Paul Krugman."

Now I'll buy that for a dollar.


SFF said...

Snooki might as well be a cartoon character herself.

What does it say about this place that Snooki's book is a best seller? By the way, it's unlikely, if you've seen the girl, she even wrote the book at all.

My friend, having said that, in the world of escapist entertainment the fact you've viewed Strike Witches twice has intrigued me.

Could that be a more resounding recommendation? Cheers.

Robert said...

Could that be a more resounding recommendation?

Strike Witches isn't for everyone. It's not Miyazaki after all, it's Pantsu... but it's also so damn good it doesn't matter. Really excellent story, it's hard to believe it's a Gonzo title. -_^

rossalthor said...

I had to look up who Snooki was. Never heard of her.

SFF said...

You know it's funny, but Gonzo has disappointed. They are very hit and miss. This one sounds like a hit! I really like Blue Submarine and Last Exile but there have been so many that have missed the mark for me and I'm still not sure about Burt Angel.

Cheers my friend. And by the way, I'm not always looking for Miyazaki so this sounds great.

Starcade said...

Snooki is another reason I can't see our society making it another year and a half.