Thursday, January 06, 2011

Some Kitty Stuff Trickling In Again

After several months of backorders, Kitty stuff is finally starting to trickle in again. Remember that while Media blasters has turned over their Anime Works and Tokyo Shock stuff to the distributor Allegro, they have kept their adult line (and most profitable line I might add) Kitty in house.

Notable recent restocks of Kitty adult items that previously spent weeks on semi-permanent backorder include:

Body Transfer
Learning the Hard Way
Bible Black New Testament 3
Sexual Pursuit
Kite/Mezzo Double Pack

There are still plenty of Kitty stuff on backorder though. Titles that remain AWOL with no apparent ETA include Viper GTS, Booby Life, Discode, Hills Have Size, and Cantaloupe Collector. Our backorder log is full of these, and I'm hoping we will be able to ship them again soon.

Kitty has also started feeding us new release info again, and they have a few new things coming up in February and March, but we're not going to offer them for pre-order - we'll post them once they actually arrive. I'm tired of taking Kitty backorders and then making excuses for them when stuff doesn't ship on time. They are using poor Brand X for retailer fulfillment after all...

So with regards to Kitty the light is at the end of the tunnel, we're just still in the tunnel. We really appreciate everyones patience who has been waiting for any of these.

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