Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Black Butler Collection 1 Limited Edition - In Stock and Shipping Now!

Just and FYI folks, we've got the the First Pressing of the Black Butler Part 1 Collection in from Funimation that includes the limited edition art box. Pre-orders are already on the way to you.

The limited edition is only for the first pressing, so they are not going to make anymore after this. It comes with a chipboard box embossed with silver foil accents designed to replicate the original Japanese packaging and is designed to hold the DVD volumes of both parts 1 and 2.

Our pricing for these limited editions will be the same as for the regular edition, and the limited is the only version we're going to ship until they run out - so get em while they last!

In stock and shipping now.

And of course, the less than enthusiastic but always obligatory propaganda direct from Funimation:

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