Saturday, March 20, 2010

Toradora and Persona -Trinity Soul- Premium Collections Now Available for Pre-Order!

The new R1 Anime publisher NIS America has finalized their plans for two new titles, so we now have Toradora and Persona ~Trinity Soul~ available for Pre-Order!

Persona ~ Trinity Soul ~ Collection #1 Premium Edition DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-13)
Toradora! Collection 1 Premium Edition DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-13)

NIS is making these Premium Edition Anime releases available only through North America's premier Anime retailers, and I'm proud that they have chosen RACS and one of the exclusive outlets to bring these to North American Anime fans!

Toradora (Collection #1 Eps #1-13)
Due to his frightening appearance, Ryuji lives a rather unfortunate life. On the first day of his junior year of high school, he meets a strange girl named Taiga - better known as the Palm-top Tiger! Despite looking small and cute, she's extremely short-tempered, and nobody can stop her once she starts throwing punches. However, Ryuji learns a secret about Taiga that nobody else knows... The dragon and the tiger join forces to bring you a monolithic romantic comedy!

This 2-disc edition includes: Premium Box, plus a 30+ page, full-color, hardcover art book (approx. 10" x 7"), including interviews with the original Japanese voice actors/actresses. Video extras: OP/ ED Clean versions

Persona ~Trinity Soul~ (Collection #1 Eps #1-13)
Anayagi City faces the Sea of Japan, and is a futuristic city that survived the outbreak of "Mass Apathy Syndrome" ten years ago. Shin Kanzato (17) and his brother Jun (14) meet their older brother Ryo (28), who is a young Chief Officer at Ayanagi City's police station, for the first time in ten years. Meanwhile, the city is facing a string of mysterious incidents. Ship crew members disappear from their underwater submarine. The Apathy Syndrome resurfaces. The Reverse case, a series of student murders, intensifies. Ryo investigates an organization involved in all of the above incidents. One of these incidents results in the awakening of Shin's Persona. The wheel of fate begins to turn for this family of brothers.

This 2-disc edition includes: Premium Box, plus a 40-page, full -color, hardcover art book (approx. 10" x 7"), including an original short picture book from the main story, "A Whale's Feather".

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