Thursday, March 18, 2010

Darker Than Black DVD Box Recalled

In conjunction with several customer complaints that we recently received and reported, Funimation has just announced a retailer recall for the recently shipped Darker Than Black DVD Boxed Set. All of the boxes in the first pressing have a defective disk #3. Funimation is going to fix the problems and re-release the box set at a later date to be determined.

We are no longer shipping this product as of today.

The recall is strictly for retailer stock since we are still ahead of the official street date of the 23rd. We had already shipped quite a few out, mostly to you folks that had pre-ordered one. We'll be e-mailing all of our customers who already got a copy with a remedy shortly.


Unknown said...

Well, it's a good thing I'm holding out for a bluray set then.

scottfrye said...

Ok, not sure what defect they are talking about on disc 3 because my disc 3 ran just fine.

Funimation didn't give any specific details?

Robert said...

Gliching and audio synch errors are the major complaint, though I haven't had time to determine if it's only one or the other or both of the English or Japanese language tracks that's effected. Most people didn't say. We just sent out a broadcast e-mail to all of our customers that one already shipped to, but obviously if your box is working fine and you are satisfied with it then there is no need to do anything. For safety's sake we're just treating the issue as if they are all defective, but that may not be the case and yours may be fine.

scottfrye said...

Well, I didn't watch the third disc through all the way so not sure. But I will check tonight.

If I find something I don't like then I will decide what I want to do.