Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aria The Origination (Season 3) + Arietta Box Arriving a Little Late

The Aria The Origination (Season 3) + Arietta OVA DVD Collection, which was delayed by 'Brand X' from Mar 2 to Mar 16th, will be in stock a couple of days later than that. The folks over at 'Brand X' told me this morning that a 'rock slide' (???) had delayed their delivery truck, but the copies have arrived and are on the way to us now. A rock slide? I thought they were in the mid west were everything is flat as a pancake? This is what happens when the replicator with the lowest bid is located in outer Mongolia and has to bring the stuff through the Mohan pass on the backs of donkey's and pack horses... Oddly enough, if true, this would NOT be one of the stranger mishaps to occur in our supply chain over the years. Anime is a VERY interesting business to be sure.

Anyway, our copies should be in stock and shipping by Mar 18th or 19th at the latest. We'll get them turned around to you guys the minute they arrive. :-)

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