Thursday, March 11, 2010

Medicom Evangelion Unit 01 Meter Tall Figure - Now In Stock!

If you are crazy for really expensive but super cool Anime items, we have managed to lay our hands on several of the Evangelion Movie 1.01: You Are Not Alone EVA Unit 01 1/80 Scale Vinyl Statue from Medicom.

This 1+ Meter Tall Eva Unit 01 statue comes in packaging the size of a small refrigerator, and is of very high quality. Once our shipment of these cleared customs and got loaded on the truck carrier to come to us, they were so big they could only fit 4 on each pallet!

They are now in our warehouse and ready to ship to you.

An Italian fan has one and posted lots of great pictures of the figure on his blog here.

And don't worry, if you guys don't buy them all I'm going to unpack a couple and put them in our lobby! :-)

Lots more new figures in stock this week here.


Mitch H. said...

Do they detach from their base so that you can mount them on a concrete pad for lawn-jockey purposes?

Robert said...

HEH. :-) Brass ring not included...

The base is detachable, however, I'm not sure how it would fair exposed to the elements. We'll file that in the possible, but no recommended, catagory.