Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Rozen Maiden Season 1 Out of Print for Awhile

Funi has informed us that they are now out of stock and no longer shipping the first season Rozen Maiden Thin-Pak (GN-08440). It will not be repressed, so the sets are now limited to the stock we have left on hand. Just a note, because if you have it on backorder with someone else, like someone who was offering it a week ago for a really low price but didn't have any in stock, you're unlikely to ever get that order filled.

I made an inquiry to Funi about the future status of the series, and they told me that the box will be re-released either late this year or early next year (probably as a Viridian label), but the time and date has not yet been decided.

So while it will be coming back in the near future, it may or may not be available over holiday season this year. Something to think about if you were planning on giving either the first season or Traumend as gift this year. :-)

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Richard J. said...

Situations like this are why I bought the singles when they first came out. I hope everyone who wants to buy Rozen Maiden can but there's a part of me that feels a little vindictive glee toward people who just put it aside. This was a show that needed a lot of fan support to be even remotely successful and I don't think it got what it needed.

Though I'd love to be told I'm wrong and it sold just awesome. Or even just average profitable. Heck I'd be happy to hear it sold well enough to break even on both seasons.