Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gunslinger Girl OVA Confirmed for December

At lot of you have been asking, so I made a call. :-)

The folks at Funimation confirmed for me this morning that they will be releasing the 2 episode Gunslinger Girl Teatrino OVA DVD on December 1st. We have it available for pre-order here.

They also confirmed that they will be releasing a BD (BluRay) edition of the first season of Gunslinger Girl on the same date, and we have also added that to the site for pre-order. The BD edition of season 2 (Teatrino) is currently planned for February 2010 (ish).

GSG OVA Synopsis: After Jean and Rico finished a mission regarding of the past, Jean and Jose went off for a short break with Rico and Henrietta. They visited their old home, but yet Jean first recalls back of old memories of their younger sister, Enrica, who died in a terrorist attack. Yet memories of her spirit dwells in this trip in jealousy of Jose's love for Henrietta...


Richard J. said...

Was that synopsis translated by a machine? The grammar is a little. . . dodgy.

Great to have this 100% confirmed.

Robert said...

Didn't have much time to make this post, so I grabbed is directly from ANN's encyclopedia.


Richard J. said...

Ah, that explains it. Occasionally the user added content or a pre-official translation entry ends up being like that.

If that had been the text from the package or something, I'd have been concerned. Never figured you made the mistakes Robert.

Unrelated note: My pre-ordered Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS: Suburu Nakajima 1/7 Scale PVC came in today! Thanks as always for fast and safe shipping!