Thursday, August 20, 2009

Helping a Fellow Figure Collector

A fellow Anime fan Keith and I have been talking a bit over the last few days, and he has a problem we have not been able to help him with, so I asked him to send me a blurb that I could post here in case anyone out there might be able to help him out.

From Keith:

"About 7 weeks ago the unimaginable happened to my 14 year old nephew and his mother (my sister). They had gone to the movies and dinner like they routinely did every Saturday but when they came home they were greeted by an unpleasant surprise. Evidently while they were out their home caught fire destroying a good part of their house and way of life. Luis lost the majority of his anime figurine collection along with wall scrolls and many other items from his beloved collection. His DVD collection was spared along with a couple of his figures but more importantly he lost several key items in his collection that I am finding near impossible to replace. The main one in particular was his Ryoko Asakura Bunny by FREEing. It was the pride and joy of his collection and now it is gone. My new mission is to try and replace it for him before his birthday which is in the last part of September. Anime is this boy's life and his escape and he has managed to inspire me to collect and adore anime as well. Without having a father figure present I took it upon myself to try and fill that void as his uncle. What I am asking for is some help locating this figure for a reasonable price. I have managed to replace the majority of his collection with the exception of Ryoko and his Lelouch Figma figures but it was Ryoko that was/is his favorite. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening and God bless."

Keith works for the Winston-Salem Police Department in NC and is a great guy. If you can help him help and his nephew, or know anyone who might be able to, please contact him directly via e-mail. The figure he is looking for is pictured below, JAN code 4571245290182.

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