Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another Lady Innocent

Steven Den Beste has recently discovered just how beautiful the art is in the 'H' title Another Lady Innocent:

"Urushihara Satoshi's drawing style is unmistakable. No one draws gorgeous women better than him"

"The art and animation in this are fantastic. It looks better than any broadcast show. I swear, it must have had a huge budget, which is really rare when it comes to hentai. I can only assume that Urushihara's reputation was the reason the production company was willing to put so much money into it."
Steven has lots of nice frame grabs over on his blog (NSFW warning). It's actually a 'nice' H title too, one of those rare ones that you and Mrs. can actually 'safely' watch together. :-) Don't expect much from the plot (it's really a 40 minute short exhibition of fine art rather than any sort of coherent story line), but if you are a fan of Urushihara's art work and have let this titles slip under your radar for the last few years, you should really think about picking up a copy.

I think we should look back into bringing some of Urushihara's art collections back into stock if possible. In the past, they have always sold out almost as fast as we could get them in, but we do currently have one still in stock here for those of you who would like to sample his other works.

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