Monday, May 06, 2013

Sentai Recalls the Kids on the Slope BD

Sentai Filmworks has issued a recall for the Kids on the Slope Blu-ray Complete Collection (SFB-KOS100) due to eps 11 on the BD set having only MONO audio on the Japanese language track. Opps.

This recall effects the BD version only.

We have put the BD version back on pre-order status and Section 23 says we'll have replacement BD stock in about 2ish weeks. If you purchased and received  a copy of the BD version from RACS prior to the recall and want your set replaced, please just drop us an e-mail and we will setup an exchange for you (no worries, we'll pay the postage both ways) once our replacement stock arrives.

In addition to the exchange set, we'll include a $5 discount coupon that you can use for your next Sentai purchase to cover your time and trouble.

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Harold said...

The various forums I follow has everyone throwing a fit re: Sentai's ALLEGED "tough-luck" policy with customers on QC issues. I think a lot of customers don't want to see errors which should be caught before shipping. Fair enough. But it makes me wonder how many "issues" are the fault of consumer equipment/user settings?
Naturally I don't know about the technical issues but at least 8-10 series in a relatively short time frame have been less than optimal for various reasons according to the complaints. But I have not seen anything in my big Sentai collection other than an occasional subtitling error, and these have been better lately.
NISA had some cosmetic issues (with nasty-looking disc surfaces) a few years ago and they stepped up right away with a pretty aggressive replacement program which I took advantage of, and subsequent series have been error-free and cosmetically fine.
Sentai recalling KotS is a positive step and I applaud it even though it will seem like mucho $$$ for them to fix, but they have to do it since their business is on the upswing; it would be a shame to have a bad slip-up at this time.