Monday, May 06, 2013

Funimation Consolidating Operations Under New Name Group 1200 Media

Just got the following notice from Funimation:

"Today we are excited to tell you about an important development in the distribution of FUNimation Entertainment and its products. In an effort to emphasize the company's expanding portfolio of entertainment content and products, FUNimation Entertainment will be consolidating its existing divisions under the unified name of Group 1200 Media effective May 18, 2013.

Group 1200 Media is a multifaceted entertainment conglomerate. This production, marketing, and distribution corporation strives tirelessly to accomplish its mission of delivering quality entertainment brands – along with their associated products – across a multitude of genres. Group 1200 Media is committed to continually releasing and developing exciting new properties representative of its diverse background in the entertainment industry."

I talked to our rep down in Houston briefly today. It's a paper reorganization. FUNimation is not being sold and nothing is changing except the name. 'Group 1200 Media' will be the new name for the company and the 'FUNimation' brand will remain as their Anime label. Clearly they have been looking to move beyond just being an Anime company for awhile now, and it's pretty clear they are looking to pursue projects that they did not think would be a fit under the FUNimation brand name

So stand down, it's nothin but a thing. :-)

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