Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wagnaria!! Premium Ed Final Pressing Now in Progress - Restocks Due May 11th

NIS informed us today that the next pressing of the Wagnaria!! (Working!!) Premium Complete DVD Boxed (Eps #1-13), which has been pretty much sold out everywhere since late March, will be shipping to retailers on May 11th. This will be the final printing of the premium edition, and NIS closed up the re-order period to retailers today and fixed our qnties.

This means that our next shipment will be the last batch of these produced, and they are already selling out quickly. RACS will be getting 156 more sets, of which about half are already spoken for. If you want one of these, and at the current price of $44.98, go ahead and get your order in now to reserve your place in line.

Don't forget, Toradora is already sold out at wholesale, and we are down to about the last 20 or so sets of each. Once they are gone, that will be it. Just FYI.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have Toradora. But plonking down $75 for the "premium edition" ain't gonna happen.

I'm hoping they'll bring out a "regular edition" for considerably less money.....

Robert said...

For comparison, we can't keep the Shana boxes in stock even at $200 each. For all the indignation from some Anime fans about higher prices for out of print and collectible editions, there are an equal number of fans who are grateful to be able to buy what they want when they want and that we are actually able to keep these items in stock.

We won't have the Toradora premiums in stock much longer at any price. Probably a couple more weeks at most at the rate they are selling. Wish we had bought more while they were still available, and I would remind everyone that we did have the premium edition in stock for almost A YEAR at the $44.98 price.

So I'm not sure were DLandWRR217 has been for the last year. :-) He should have pulled the trigger on a set BEFORE they went out of print.

If you missed the Premium set at the regular price, no worries, a regular Toradora edition is planned, and will probably be released Q1 2012.

rossalthor said...

It's like that with anything, not just anime. Rarity increases value. Anime just gets very rare very quickly sometimes. But if I were in DLandWRR217's place I'd jump on a $75 Toradora set because that's the cheapest he'll probably find it anywhere.

Anonymous said...


My complaint about the price is not because it's too high, it's because I'm poor!

And I count myself glad that I got "Haibane Renmei" when I did. Now it's $250 for the set. Yowch.

Yeah, I know. Demand, meet supply. Pay accordingly.

Robert said...

Thanks DLandWRR217. We really have to price 'out of prints' at market if we want to keep them available for customers. If we don't, someone will just come in and buy them all up and arbitrage them out somewhere else at the market price anyway.