Friday, April 01, 2011

Media Blasters Discontinues a Few Titles

Media Blasters sent us a big list of discontinued and out of stock items earlier today, and while most of them are older stuff versions of more recent issues that have been out of stock for awhile anyway, there were a few notable end of life versions that I wanted to mention.

We will no longer be able to restock:

Iria: Zeiram the Animation DVD
eX-Driver, Perfect Collection DVD Set
Figure 17 Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set
If I See You In My Dreams Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set
Jewel Hunter Lime BEM DVD
Babel II DVD Collectors Box Set

All of these titles have been placed on 'limited to stock on hand' status. In addition to these, they also listed:

Voltron: Fleet of Doom Movie(BLURAY)
Dairugger DVD Collection 3 (Eps #37-52)

So I think it's safe to assume they have just put the Kibosh on the BD version of Fleet of Doom. Dairugger 3, on the other hand, actually shipped recently and we should be getting a few copies shortly. It seems that they are letting us know that whatever has already shipped to us is all we're going to get and that they are not going to press any more copies.

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