Friday, April 08, 2011

The 'Anti-Sale' Promotion - HEH

We make a few mistakes on the store site from time to time - and fans NEVER fail to immediately call us out on them, so when I saw this from Mr. Perfect's site circulating around the Anime webs, I thought it was funny. Seems Brand X was recently having an 'Anti-Sale' on Gilgamesh boxes:

Damn, you can't even get an affiliate commission or club discount on that one. Looks like they are returning to their old pricing strategy. HEH. -_^


Unknown said...

Thank goodness your copies of the Garden of Sinners box set are at such a reasonable price. OH WAIT.

Robert said...

I know, our price for it should really be much higher. We've sold all but one already at the current price, which indicates to me that we priced them too low. Oh well.

In the mean time, our pricing is even more ridiculous on the Sora no Woto box:

You can feel free to slap me with the splintered ruler...