Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey there, just checking in.

After a rather typical and routine Thanksgiving weekend, including Black Friday, we got SLAMMED starting around Sunday afternoon. Order volume increased somewhere around 300% between Sunday evening, and this morning, and continues to increase - right on schedule.

We are ready of course, and orders are being processed quickly and efficiently in our warehouse. I'm just glad we worked over the holiday weekend, otherwise we'd be behind today.

Just a couple of quick reminders for between now and Dec 17th:

1) We'll be working processing orders 7 days a week through Dec 17th. Plenty of time to sleep later.

2) 'Super Saver' or free ship orders will get the LOWEST fill priority in our warehouse through Dec 23rd. This is typical of what we do during the holidays and allows us to better balance our daily fulfillment load - that's why we offer a free shipping option. So during this period don't get mad at us if your Super Saver order doesn't fill for 2-4 business days after you place it. Air Freight, Pri Mail, and Ground orders will fill first since those folks are paying for shipping, and I think that's only fair.

3) We will attempt as many 100% fills as possible during this period, so we reserve the option to hold a ticket for a day or two if it means mating it up with incoming inventory that will allow us to ship you 100% of your order all together, but we won't hold tickets any longer than that. This year the big problem child will be the thing with Media Blasters moving their distribution right in the middle of the holidays is going to cause plenty of shortages on their stuff (as you well know), and we won't be holding tickets for any backordered MB items, even if you request it. I doubt they will get their operations back up and running 100% until January anyway. Everything else should go pretty smoothly.

4) I'm going to try to answer every e-mail that comes the same day, so some of my answers may be short and to the point - expect it. Inquiries regarding orders will take priority over 'can you get this?' or 'when is this coming out?' e-mails.

BTW - our Cyber Monday sales items are still up, and will be until we have time to take them down today. Take advantage!

That's it for now, keep those orders coming and we'll do the rest! :-)

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