Friday, November 19, 2010

NIS America Licenses Working!! (Wagnaria) Anime

NIS America has announced that they have licensed the Working!! anime series. They are going to release the entire 13-episode series in an English-subtitled DVD set under the title 'Wagnaria!!' next March. The set will include hardcover art book and a collector's case.

In the anime and Karino Takatsu's original four-panel manga that inspired it, a high school freshman named Sōta Takanashi (Jun Fukuyama) works part-time among a restaurant's high-spirited, eccentric, yet cool staffers.

We'll have it up for pre-order soon!


rossalthor said...

I know this is off topic, but has NIS announced any sort of quality issues with their Pandora Hearts release? I popped it in last night and the picture is really grainy and noisy--especially in the dark scenes. And although my copies played perfectly, I remember hearing serious reports of quality issues with the Toradora and Persona releases.

Robert said...

I have not heard any complaints regarding quality issues with either Pandora Hearts or Persona. There were some issues with the first Toradora set, and those have been fixed via a disk exchange directly from NIS. I do think since the Toradora issue that people are probably uber sensitive about their releases. I told the folks at NIS that the Toradora problem would have people trying extra hard to look for issues in all their subsequent releases for months, but my sets of both Persona and Pandora Hearts look great. I very pleased with them.