Sunday, June 21, 2009

Viz's September Releases Now Available for Pre-Order

I've made no secret of our consternation regarding Viz's switch to Warner for their DVD distribution as Warner is rarely shipping us new DVD's to arrive in time for us to cross ship them for arrival by the street date, but the process continues and we are making our complaints known. So all that said, here is Viz's September new releases. It's a really good schedule including the final Naturo Box, the 2nd Bleach Movie, Honey and Clover part #1, AND the first volume of Naruto Shippuden.

Bleach, Vol #20 DVD
Bleach the Movie #2: The Diamond Dust Rebellion DVD
Honey and Clover DVD Boxed Set #1 (Eps #1-12)
Naruto: Shippuden , Vol #1 DVD (Eps #1-4) (Uncut)
Naruto DVD Collectors Boxed Set #16 (Uncut)
Naruto DVD Collectors Boxed Set #16 (Uncut) (Limited Edition)

It's pretty clear that Viz has pretty much abandoned the niche market and is only going to go forward with DVD releases that have the potential for mass appeal (and mass market sales) and that they will no longer be publishing lower sell through fetish shows (I think I's will end up being the final 'fan centric' show they release with the Nana and Honey and Clover releases being sort of hold overs from prior planning). It's also clear they will probably not resurrect Hikaru No Go into boxed sets as we originally had hoped. Someone asked me on Friday if they will be packaging Shippuden to match the original 16 Naruto Uncut boxed sets, and while we don't have specs on the release yet, I think the answer is almost certainly no. They will most likely be standard double DVD packs.

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