Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Funimation Drops Prices on Two More Current Releases

Funimation is continuing the trend to drop prices in place on some key items rather than recall them for re-release later. I had talked about this in the last newsletter as a much better method by the publishers to reprice an existing product in place rather than trying to reschedule it as a re-release (ADV could take some notes here).

The following items are now available at the new lower price:

Baki the Grappler Season 1 & 2 DVD Complete Collection (Viridian Collection) - Now $36.98!
DragonBall Z Season 4 (Eps #108-139) (Re-Mastered) - Now $25.98!

Funi dropped the price of the Baki box from $69.98 to $49.98, and the 4th DBZ box from $49.98 to $34.98, so we've changed our regular prices accordingly (see above).

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Starcade said...

Anyone think that the fansubbers are continuing to eat at Funi's bottom line -- and we all know that, over at Navarre, there ain't much left to eat...