Tuesday, June 02, 2009

ADV to Re-Release Three More Former Geneon Licenses In August

ADV Films (now the grand champion of recycled Anime DVD's) has announced that they will re-issue three former Geneon licenses under it's Sentai Filmworks trade name in late August: Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Dokkoida, and Kannazuki No Miko.

I hope these aren't included in the big new title announcements that Matt Greenfield promised were coming a couple of weeks ago. But hey, they gotta re-re-re-release something to keep the lights on down in Houston. -_^

Seriously though, we'll have these available for pre-order on the store site shortly.

Even though all three of these titles were discontinued in September of 2007 when Geneon's North American unit went under, there was so much excess inventory of the old DVD boxed sets left over at Ditan we have been able to keep these available to customers throughout the out-of-print period, so it's almost like they were never really gone. :-)

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