Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Viz Announces Ranma Premium BD and DVD Set #4 for December - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Viz has announced the next Ranma 1/2 DVD and BD sets, and not only do we have them up for pre-order, we have box art!

Here's whats coming, and what it will look like:

Ranma 1/2 BLURAY Set #4 (Eps #70-92) - Dec 4
Ranma 1/2 DVD Set #4 (Eps #70-92) - Dec 4

The Ranma 1/2 #4 BLURAY set is a special edition and will include a premium artbox, an art card, and a 32pg booklet containing episode summaries. Well, it's just a chipboard art-box so I'm not sure how 'premium' it actually is, but you get the idea - BLURAY - nuff said. :-)

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