Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Dumbest Question of the Day

While watching TV coverage of the events today, I noticed this exchange from a reporter outside the hospital interviewing Trauma Surgeon Peter Fagenholz:

Dr. "We've got 8 patients who are in critical condition..."

Reporter: "Do you think the people who are in critical condition at this point, if things will be looking OK for them?"

Dr. "Well, they're not looking OK because that's not what critical condition means"

You can watch the whole interview here. I don't know what sort of credentials you need to get a job as a reporter today, but I wouldn't give that one a mop job.

Good thoughts to the folks in Boston.

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Harold said...

Having a medical background myself, it was a mistake that any trauma surgeon should talk to media at all, but he must have drawn the "short straw" to be the spokesman.