Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Evangelion 3.33 Promo Real

The Evangelion 3.33 DVD and BD releases in Japan on April 24th, which means that we're probably only a year away from seeing the North American release. YEAH! Here is the promo real for it they started streaming today:


Harold said...

I must admit my lack of understanding in the selection of music. Perhaps to lend gravitas or ensure International Feel, but the whole Wagner emphasis is misplaced IMO.
But if Anno wants it, who am I to argue?


"I'm outstanding in my field, way in the back, see?"

Robert said...

I can't think of anything more appropriate than Wagner to represent man battling God to bring about the end of the world. :-) Don't forget the moment Shinji goes over the edge in eps 24 and the long refrain and pull back set to Beethovens 9th Symphony. Wow.

Remember Asuka fighting her last battle to Bach's Air - Suite no3 in D Major BWV 1068 in the End of Eva movie?! The music helps enhance the air of hopelessness yet the joy Auska takes from the battle when there is nothing else left. I don't know how many times I've seen that and still can't help getting a little mysty eyed.

I always felt like the way they used this music in the series was brilliant. It's existential.

Harold said...

Points well taken. I'm not informed enough, as I have only seen the first 2 movies and the anime series, and haven't seen Death and Rebirth or End of Evangelion, etc. I am aware Asuka doesn't end up well, but I'm again ignorant of what to others may seem central facts to Eva appreciation, no kidding.
Basically I can understand the emotional feelings, but the Romantic music has never been my thing; more of a Bach mathematical-like music and Baroque guy.
Now I need to go and get more in-depth.