Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wagnaria Premium Edition DVD Boxed Set Final Pressing - On It's Way!

Just a heads up everyone! After several irritating delays from NIS, the final batch of Wagnaria Premium Collections are now complete and have shipped to us from the NIS pressing plant in Georgia. Transit time to us from there is about 2-3 business days.

So the trucking company should have them on our dock tomorrow or Thursday, and we will immediately begin filling all those backorders for the sets as soon as they arrive and are unloaded. Since just about all the Wagnaria backorders have already been pre-processed here at our warehouse, our shipping staff should be able to turn the entire batch around in one day.

So don't despair, your Wagnaria box will be in your hands before you know it! And if you had previously gotten inpatient and canceled your order or have been sitting on the sidelines waiting for them to come in, we do have a few left out of this batch that are not yet spoken for, so get your order in ASAP before they sell out completely!

UPDATE (6/14 Afternoon): Our shipment has arrived and we will commence shipping backorders immediately to hopefully be completed by close of business tomorrow.

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