Sunday, June 19, 2011

Actually, I Always Did Mind the Little Things...

I have a little rant today, which I rarely do anymore, so I hope that's OK.

So, Jamie and I ran through Vampire Bund last weekend and we are revisiting a few eps this weekend now that we finally have a little extra time. We'll, if you've watched your DVD you know it has the little Cashern promo before you get to the menu, and the first time around I just let it run and didn't think anything of it. This time, I loaded the disk and wanted to get right to the episode menu, so when the Cashern promo qued up:

1) I hit the 'menu' button on my remote. "X" Denied. S#$T.

2) So I hit the 'skip' button on the remote. "X" Denied. F@%K.

3) So I hit the 'fast forward' button on the remote. "X" Denied. G$D@&%IT!

This also applies to the Moon Phase trailer on Disk 2. Seems Funimation is quite determined that I should watch that damn trailer every time I load the DVD no matter if I want to or not. Yes, 'top menu' does allow you to skip the trailer, but disabling the other functions? Very irritating if you ask me, and bad disk authorizing too.


D2M said...

Oh man, I hate being forced to watch a commercial. It's all find and dandy if you're only watching through the DVDs once... but if you're doing it more than once, it gets really really irritating. I didn't buy a DVD to be forced to watch advertising! (That's what cable is for, ya know? :P )

Tobruk said...

Check your remote, both my DVD player and PS3 Remote (not game controller) have a button called "Top Menu". This will get you to the menu select screen during these trailers. Dont ask me why you need 2 buttons that do the same thing.

This isnt a Funimation issue, as most movies, especially Blu-rays, have these automatic trailers at the beginning. The "menu" button doesnt work during these.

here-and-faraway said...

Don't get me wrong, I do think it IS irritating, but if those commercials help Funi stay in business by helping to sell more DVDs then I can handle the lost minute of my life.

Eric Potter said...

If 'top menu' still works, what's the big deal? Only if there's absolutely no way of skipping the opening commercial at all would I share the annoyance, but maybe that's just me.

Moral of the story--Whatever kind of DVD/Blu-Ray player one gets, always make sure the remote comes with that vital 'top menu' button.

Robert said...

You guys and your 'Top Menu' button.... Oy. I think every remote made has one, it works, but that's not the point.

What I find annoying is that Funi intentionally disables all the other buttons during the preview. By the time you figure out to press 'Top Menu', you've already seen the preview - which is what they want. So I think the point of my post is escaping most people here.

Anyway, I have to find some little nothing of an issue to bitch about from time to time, otherwise people might start to question my Otaku-ism... -_^

Mitch H. said...

FUNi's been doing that forever and a day. You either get used to their ways or you part ways.

MARl0 said...

I've never had a problem with this personally. I didn't even know that Funi puts previews at the disk start up, because I've always pressed the top menu button immediately. Their releases have always supported skipping right to the menu with that button, so I've never even thought twice about not pressing the moment the disk starts up.

Now Viz on the other hand, they actually force you to sit through their stupid logo animation and warning screens every time you start up their disks. Top menu doesn't even work against it.

nhat said...

To skip the previews, load up the dvd, hit stop, then hit dvd menu, it will take you directly the the dvd menu