Monday, May 09, 2011

PlayStation Network Might Not Be Back Up Fully Before the End of May

According to an article published Sunday on Bloomberg, PSN (the PlayStation Network) might not be up again until the end of May:

"PlayStation Network and Qriocity online services remain shut as of today, Shigenori Yoshida, a Tokyo-based spokesman said. Sony is uncertain when it can resume the services, Yoshida said by phone today. The company is in the process of adopting an improved security system and its plan to restart the services fully by May 31 is unchanged, he said."

Howard Stringer, the CEO of Sony has offered his personal apology for the break in, and announced that Sony will offer $1 Million in identity theft protection for all PSN users. Sony says they will start sending activation e-mails for the protection service out to PSN account holders in the next few days.

I feel bad for all the third party companies that rely on PSN for movie and game software download revenue. This will be 5 weeks worth of cash flow they will never get back. More info here.

And just a reminder to anyone who has needed to cancel their credit card because of PSN getting hacked, be sure to contact us if you have any pending pre-orders in so we can get your payment info updated.

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MARl0 said...

This has been a painful wait for me. Not only did I have to cancel my credit card (which I finally received the replacement card on Saturday), but I also bought Mortal Kombat and Portal 2 for my PS3 the day before the network crisis hit. So I've been stuck offline for both of those games ever since.

At least it seems that online play will be the first feature to roll out again, so that will most likely land before their May 31st deadline.