Thursday, May 12, 2011

Media Blasters July Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Media Blasters has released their July sales book, and we now have it up on the store site for pre-order.

Here's what's coming:

Kite: Liberator DVD (Special Edition) - Jul 5
Queen's Blade 2: The Evil Eye Series, Collection #2 (Eps #7-12) - Jul19
Twelve Kingdoms Part 1: Shadow of the Moon, Sea of Shadow BLURAY (Eps #1-14) - Jul 26

Just a quick note. As far as I can tell from the solicitation, the Kite: Liberator 'Special Edition' looks to be exactly the same DVD as the previous edition - just with new cover art. Price is the same also, so I think MB is just filling in the gaps with a re-release here. I think we'll need to see something more than BD re-releases and new Queens Blade episodes from them soon, or we'll know what direction they heading in.

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