Friday, March 04, 2011

Viz Media Put's the Ki·bosh on Inubaka Crazy for Dogs (いぬばか) at Vol #17

Just FYI everyone. Viz Media has confirmed on that Yukiya Sakuragi's manga Inubaka: Crazy for Dogs is currently on hiatus in North America and that Vol #18 (which was set to release this month) has been canceled.

According to a statement from a Viz Media representative, no new volumes are currently on the company's release schedule. The manga ended in Japan last April, and the 22nd and final volume shipped there last May.

Man, only 5 volumes short of the end too. Screwed again! And how sad, I really loved this series! Damn.


D2M said...

Aw! I bought the first volume, not really my thing, but I'm sad to see any manga gone unfinished! D:

Hope that doesn't happen with Kimi ni Todoke!

Robert said...

I wouldn't worry, LOT's of Kimi ni Todoke fans out there. Way more than Inubaka.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I understand that it's a business decision.


It makes me wonder if I should take a chance on any Viz series that's not a runaway success. I might wind up spending $100-$150 on a series (like I have on Inubaka) only to get screwed.

Yes, they're saving money by cancelling a (presumably) money-losing series. They're also *losing* money by making me reluctant to spend another dime with them.

It's almost enough to make me want to go to the online manga scannners. I guess I'll have to if I want to see how Inubaka ends.

Great move, Viz!

Robert said...

It is very upsetting. They get us on the hook for 17 volumes, and only had 5 to go. Viz should have at least done short runs of each of the next 5 volumes in order to complete the series for the folks that are already invested in it. Viz seems to have a real problem with this. Look at the folks that were collecting Bleach and Naruto Shippuden as single DVD's. I understand that singles are out as a release format, but to cut people off after releasing 34 volumes? I field e-mails from 6 or 7 people every week that are totally pissed off about this and need to, umm, let someone know about it. It's great fun.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you do have lots of fun dealing with disgruntled customers, Robert.

(Question: Are happy customers "gruntled"? Just askin'....)

What has me scratching my head is why Viz (and other publishers) don't "get" this. It can't be good for business to piss off your loyal customers. And, absent a *good* reason, it's poor business practice to piss off your retailers by making them take heat over your own (that is, the publisher's) screw-ups.


My two cents' worth.

Jennifer said...

My daughters and I loved this series and we are SO ANGRY with VIZ for doing this that we may just stop investing in their products. What a terrible thing to do to loyal fans who spent a LOT of money on this series!