Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My World - Expectations

Back in 2005-2006, even I started to think this thing might end up bigger than all of us. That was when we were sinking loads of money into building out our infrastructure.

I was wrong too.


SFF said...

There's something both heartbreaking and humbing in your little post Robert.

It's quite upsetting to see where things are going for you and for the country.

Knowing you though, you SHOULD expect good things to continue and someday I feel things will turn around. If anyone deserves that, you guys do. I like to think you're not wrong.

ancientone said...

I wouldn't be too upset. The powers to be are so narrow minded and greedy, they can't see where they're going. while we may also be headed down that path, we will survive. they will not. they need ideas and goals. big fat wallets are nothing.