Thursday, December 23, 2010

We Never Get a Break Do We? [UPDATED]

Well, we were all set and caught up and ready to break for Christmas today, and then a truck showed up around 3pm with 3 pallets of new import figures. This shipment wasn't supposed to get here for another week, but I guess they expedited it out to us so they could get it off their books before year end - but dumping so much new stuff on us the day before Christmas Eve is really not cool. Yeah, they do it every year, but still...

Anyway, we're cutting off holiday shipping now since the UPS and FedEx trucks have now come and gone. We've done everything we could to get everyones stuff to them on time. We're all pretty tired, but still I think we'll probably work late into the night to try to get this shipment sorted out so we can take tomorrow off.

Now I better get some dinner ordered for everyone. Welcome to the Anime business! :-)

UPDATE (9 Hours Later): Post complete - I think it was worth it! That's it for us, Merry Christmas everyone, have a great holiday weekend and we'll see you on Monday!

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