Sunday, December 05, 2010

Store Outage - Resolved!

Just a quick FYI to everyone who had trouble getting on the store Saturday afternoon. And no, it was not network overload - I wish!

We use Yahoo's servers in Houston (with a backup in San Diego) to host the primary store site, and they experienced a pretty nasty DoS (denial of service) attack across their whole infrastructure today. Our store is one of the big ones and sits across a distributed network so I'm not exactly sure how long it was down for any one DNS, but it looks like the attack caused the RACS store to be at least intermittently down for about 3 hours between around 12:50 pm and 4:02 pm PST (that was around 3 to 6 PM here).

Anyway, their engineers at the NOC center in Houston did a great job and have now resolved the issue and we are back up and running.

Apologies to anyone who could not get on the store, or was trying to place on order during that short window on Saturday.

PS: And yes, it's 1:58am and yes I am just finishing up my day. Thanks for asking. :-)

UPDATE: Looks like the DoS attack that took down Yahoo's e-comm servers was related to Operation Payback. I wonder if these people actually know who they are hurting when they do this stuff.

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