Monday, September 13, 2010

Toradora Opening in HD

With the 2nd half of Toradora shipping soon, here's a little HD eye candy to make your Monday morning a little happier:

Hat tip to Sean for sending!


MARl0 said...

So awesome. But it just makes me sad that we never see BluRay releases of these kinds of shows here in the US.

Do you think we would actually see stuff like this on BluRay if we didn't share the same BluRay region as Japan? It seems like reverse importation is the biggest thing holding shows like this (and Haruhi, Code Geass, etc.) back.

Robert said...

I think so - eventually. For dual releases BD demand is still only half of regular DVD demand, even when both releases have price parity and come out at the same time. But BD sales are improving each month as more Anime fans adopt the format. Once BD demand starts to exceed regular DVD sales, maybe a year from now (?), I think we'll see lots more back catalog releases in BD. Even then though, I still think there will remain a long delay between the Japanese BD release and US BD release. In Japan BD Anime releases are selling extremely well (the only bright spot in the whole market) and they won't be willing to let anything interfere with those sales. Compared to Japanese unit sales numbers, international BD releases are just a side show anyway. The Japanese companies will never worry too much over R1 fans paying $50 for a whole series while Japanese fans are perfectly willing to pay $50 for a single episode. Still, it will come eventually, we're just a year or two behind the curve.

ザイツェヴ said...

Digi said Toradora was mastered in DVD format. If the upscale is not done well, we'll end with another Haibane BD.

Guardikai said...

Love the show, am glad to see a HD version about. Cheers for the share. Hope you're right about the backreleases in bluray in maybe a year ^_-