Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Bleach #6 Boxed Set has Not Been Delayed

Just an FYI to everyone asking about the rumors that the Bleach Uncut Boxed Set #6 (Eps #110-121) has been delayed. This is not true, the street date was this week and has not been changed, though Warner did ship them to retailers at the last minute.

We have the set IN STOCK and they are shipping now.

I think one of the smaller stores posted something about the street date being pushed back, but that is not the case and all retailers should have the sets in stock by now. Oh, also, in comparison to the previous 5 boxes, #6 is just a 3 tray standard size DVD case with a paper slip sleeve. Viz could not have chosen cheaper packaging, which didn't make us very happy.

Anyway, we have it, so order away! :-)

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