Monday, April 26, 2010

Section 23's July 2010 Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

Section 23 has sent out their July 2010 release schedule and we've got it posted to the store site. Here's what's coming:

Eyeshield 21 Collection #2 DVD Boxed Set (Eps #14-26)
Golgo 13 TV Series Collection #1 DVD Box (Eps #1-12)
Hell Girl Two Mirrors (Season 2) Collection #2 (Eps #14-26)
Legends of the Dark Kings (A Fist of the North Star Story) DVD (Bilingual)
Legends of the Dark Kings (A Fist of the North Star Story) DVD (Bilingual) (BLURAY)

In addition to the second half of Eyeshield 21 and Hell Girl II, we're also getting a re-issue of Legends of the Dark Kings, and this time it will be dubbed (bilingual) and will also be coming in both standard and BD formats. We will also be getting the first half of the Golgo 13 TV series, also dubbed (bilingual), so it looks like Section 23 is finally starting to come through on their promise to give us more English Language releases. That's good to see!

Golgo 13 TV Series
His targets never see it coming and he's never caught. If there is a witness to the kill, that poor SOB winds up dead too. People say he's a ghost. A machine. A monster. He's Golgo 13, the most feared assassin in the world, the professional's professional, the killer of killers. And now he's back with 13 targeted missions that will keep you glued to the screen (and away from the windows). Load up for high-powered, bullet-riddled action with Golgo 13!

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