Thursday, April 15, 2010

No E-Newsletter This Week

Sorry folks, no e-newsletter this week. I'll be back next Friday with all of your favorite Anime news and RACS updates.

This is one of the slowest periods (mid to late April) of the 1st half if you're an Anime retailer, so Jamie and I are taking a last minute quickie mini-vacation to the beach for a couple of days (don't worry, the folks at the warehouse are still expeditiously filling orders each day while we're gone).

In fact, we're already there. :-) You folks that have been around for a long time probably already know that we're into horses (and Anime, and motorcycles), so here's a little excerpt of what Jamie and I did today after I finished answering your e-mails from my laptop...

YES, it IS incredible fun to ride on the beach!

The greatest thing about going to the beach in April is that it's almost totally deserted, even though today it was sunny and 72. And Yes, I'm am wearing my yellow RACS shirt that has Noemi on the back. As usual, no one we ran into could figure out what 'A - N - I - M - E' was, though one guy thought it might have something to do with Japan. We always have to be soooo patient with the non-believers... -_^


Have a great weekend everyone! :-)

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