Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Store Site Server Maintanence Part II

Another FYI to you guys, on July 29th to early morning July 30th from 12 midnight to around 4 am (EST), we will be conducting our second round of system upgrades to increase capacity and help improve store site performance (and pave the way for a few other things coming this fall...).

As before, this maintenance period will be transparent to you, so you will still be able to use the store as normal, however, you may not be able to use coupons or gift certificates when placing an order during this time (as that database may go offline for a short time).

We won't be publishing out any new item pages or other changes we've recently made to the site until this is completed, so all the new October releases from ADV, Funi, and Media Blasters that we've recently built will appear on the site sometime during the early morning hours of July 30th.

I know many of you are waiting to see Clannad After Story or Blassreiter or the Naruto Shippuden Movie available for pre-order, and they will be up and available a few hours from now. :-)

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