Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anime Expo Bishoujo Cos-Play Action

Admit it guys, one of the top reasons you go to cons is to see cute cos-play girls often dressed up in, well you know, as little as possible. I've been searching AX09 cos-play photo archives for the past few days for some of the best pics, and while YOU might be looking for images of that delectable Yoko or Misa Misa, this is my kinda gal right here:

Now don't even think of trying to steal her away by walking up to her and telling her how many Anime DVD's or Manga volumes you have to offer - she's heard it all before. Besides -and I'm sorry guys - but I have them all... -_^

Lots more excellent AX09 Bishoujo cosplay pics here and here at Japanator.

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