Thursday, May 07, 2009

New ADV, Nozomi, and Viz Releases - Now Available for Pre-Order!

In addition to July release info from Bandai this week, we have also built new summer releases for pre-order from ADV, Nozomi, and Viz. Here's what we've got:

ADV July (Re-releases):

All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku DVD Complete Collection (Re-Issue)
Aquarian Age Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Re-Re-Issue)
Mezzo: Danger Service Agency Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Re-Re-Issue)
Those Who Hunt Elves Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Re-Release)

ADV has taken advantage of the final demise of Central Park Media to pickup some of their previous licenses on the cheap, so they will also be re-releasing in July:

Grave of the Fireflies DVD (Re-Release)
MD Geist DVD (Re-Release)
Now and Then, Here and There Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Re-Release)
World of Narue DVD Collector's Series Boxed Set (Re-Release)

(I was hoping to see Lodoss War on that list, but it looks like we'll just have to be patient a little longer.)

Viz August Releases:

Bleach, Vol #19 DVD
Hunter x Hunter DVD Boxed Set #3 (Eps #31-45)
Naruto DVD Collectors Boxed Set #15 (Uncut) Limited Edition
Pokemon All Stars Collection DVD Boxed Set #2


Rental Magica DVD Collection #1 (Eps #1-13)

The release date for Rental Magica is currently TBA but will probably be set for early fall.

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