Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Black Lagoon S1 Steel Case Set Backordered Through May

I'm sure a lot of you have wondering why you can't find the Black Lagoon Season 1 Complete Collection DVD Boxed Set (Eps #1-12) (Steel Case) anywhere. It hasn't been canceled or anything, but it has been out of stock at Funimation since around the end of March. I got the word from Funi today that because of a replicator issue (something to do with sourcing the steel case packaging), they won't have anymore to ship until around May 27th, which gets them to us around the 1st of June. The 2nd Barrage set is in stock and not effected by this.

Just letting everyone know in case they have one on backorder - it will be a couple more weeks until we get them shipped out, and backorders will be filled first ordered / first shipped.

UPDATE: As of May 15th we have managed to obtain a couple cases the BL S1 steel case sets, so we do currently have it in stock - for now. :-)

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