Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Moribito DVD #3 In Stock - At Last!

For those of you who have been enduring the painfully long wait for Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit DVD Volume #3, I am happy to report that our copies finally arrived from Media Blasters earlier today. All pre-orders for it that did not have payment processing problems shipped out today, so most of you should have it in hand by this weekend. All in all it was about 6 weeks late getting released, so no one is happier than me that it's finally in stock. :-)

And since a lot of people have asked, Vol #3 and #4 do come in the unique clear 'door tray' type case that matches Vol #1 & 2, so if you want to complete your art box set you can either purchase volume #3 now, and Vol #4 in June, or you can wait for the Vol #3-4 bundle in June. Either way, everything will match up.

Moribito DVD Vol #3 Synopsis: Balsa decides the best way to hide from the empire's Hunters is in plain sight. She creates a simple home for herself and Chagum in an old mill, and hopes to live with him in peace. The boy prince must learn to live among the commoners, but intelligence and sense of justice make him stand out. Balsa's new start is halted when she asks a local sword smith to fix her damaged spear. He knows who she is, and the emperor's Hunters are also his clients. Balsa and Chagum are locked in a back room as the smith meets with the Hunters just a few feet away.


ザイツェヴ said...

At last indeed.

Now if only Bandai actually released true tears.

Robert said...

Now if only Bandai actually released true tears.

Seriously. And Sola. :-)