Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jun Planning - Packing Up and Going Home

I got word yesterday that Jun Planning, who is a fair sized producer of Japanese Anime figures, is packing up their US operations and will also be 'reorganizing' their Japanese business. This will put a chunk of upcoming toy and figure releases in jeopardy of not being made/exported, and I've thrown together a quick list of what I can think of off the top of my head:

Black Lagoon Second Barrage: Revy 1/8 Scale Figure Girls Collection
Familiar of Zero: Nekomimi Louise 1/8 Scale Figure
Death Note: Action Figures Series 1 Assortment (Set of 6)
Death Note: Craft Label Misa Amane Figure
Death Note: Final Scene Series Light Yagami Statue
Death Note: Final Scene Series Misa Amane Statue
Death Note: Final Scene Series Rem Statue
Death Note: Final Scene Series Ryuk Statue
Death Note: Vol. 01 Mini Trading Figure (Set of 3)
Death Note: Vol. 02 Mini Trading Figure (Set of 3)

They also made some "Nightmare Before Christmas" stuff, but we don't carry those. The dates on a lot of the Death Note items had already been put on 'TBA' status, so we didn't post any of them for pre-order - because I hate taking pre-orders for releases that appear to be 'iffy'.

Anyway, it's not clear to me yet if they are actually going out of business entirely ('reorganization' can mean anything coming from the Japanese), but they are definitely pulling out of the US figure market for now. We do have significant pre-orders booked for both the Revy and Louise figures shown above, so we're waiting for the final word from Jun Planning regarding the disposition of these figures. We need to know if they intend to fill orders already booked. Right now I don't know, so please don't write in and ask me if they will still be released or not -_^ Hopefully production of these will still go through. I'll post an update as soon as we get the final word.

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